Getting Started

Follow these easy steps to get started

1.    Create Your Free Account here

2.    Collect Your Complimentary Traffic Package by following these 4 easy steps

Step 1 - Login into your Profit Clicking account. From your Dashboard you should see $10.00 under Money Monitor next to Currently In Your Account.

Step 2 - Click on the Green link Purchase Ad Packages on the left side of your Dashboard.

Step 3 - On the Buy Ad Packages page, enter 1 in the No. of Ad Package(s) at $10.00 each box.

Step 4 - Click Proceed with My Order

After you have made your payment, record of your payment will show up in your account immediately!

You will receive an email confirming your purchase and confirming that your Ad Packages have been placed.

3.     Add Additional $10 Traffic Packages to Maximize Your Earnings (Optional).  To add funds to your account sign up for a  Free Payza Account today.

4.    Earning with Profit Clicking is as simple as viewing three websites a day! That’s all you have to do! Check out three sites and collect your Daily Sales Commission.  Easy, breezy, right?

Busy? Of course you are, who isn’t?

View a few extra websites today and build a reserve for days when you're not able to complete the daily surfing requirement for sales commissions. We save your extra views for up to 45 days!

You can track your reserved website views on your Dashboard, and plan for weekends, vacations or unexpected circumstances which may prevent you from meeting the daily surfing requirement.

5.    Repurchase Ad Packages to build your daily earnings.   For every $10 Package you buy, you receive $15 in total earnings back.

Your traffic packages will produce earnings effortlessly! For every 4 traffic packages that expire, you will receive 1 free PC Panel. Over time, each PC Panel will earn an additional $60. Get more bang for your advertising buck!

6.    If you have other programs to promote, use your purchased traffic credits to advertise to over 2 million Profit Clicking members.  From your Dashboard under Traffic Exchange click Add URL to add your website.  Select a name for your advertisement, enter the URL and enter how many of your total credits you want to use. Thats it! 

View my Progress page to see how I have built my daily earnings since joining the program. 

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