Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Profit Clicking is your answer!

Did you know that only about 2% ever succeed with business on the internet? The majority spend lots of money, and often end up losing most of it. The good news is that Profit Clicking was specifically designed for the other 98%! By simply clicking a few websites a day on the Profit Clicking Traffic Exchange, you will earn daily commissions. Just three clicks a day, and you are on your way!

With our network of millions of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) already on board, and a proven track record of success since 2004, Profit Clicking provides a rock solid income strategy that is unmatched.
Many internet programs are here today, gone tomorrow! This leaves IBOs with nothing but broken promises and empty wallets. No worries with Profit Clicking! The mathematical formula is indefinitely sustainable and backed by our exclusive Million Dollar Challenge!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcUHrBcnwIE&feature

No Potions, No Lotions, No Gizmos, No Gadgets
One of the many factors that sets Profit Clicking apart is the fact that you don’t have to share this with everyone you know to earn money. We have no lotions, potions, gizmos or gadgets that you have to sell to your friends and family. We believe that with something as amazing as Profit Clicking, people will share it because they are excited, and want the people they know, love and trust to experience the same excitement.

If you agree, then hang on to your seats because you can generate a serious additional income when you share the Profit Clicking Opportunity! Use one of the creative and beautiful advertisements on your website -- they link directly to your referral address. See them at: http://www.profitclicking.com/dashboard/build-my-business
You will earn 10% from your direct referral’s Ad Package Purchases and 5% from the purchases made by people they refer. Sharing has never been more profitable!

Social Media Updates
Profit Clicking's Social Media sites just keep growing, and growing! Don't miss out on all the fun -- find the Profit clicking site on your favorite social media site. We are adding more everyday!

Facebook --
Our official Facebook page has nearly 20,000 fans! Be sure to check it out!
Twitter --
Profit Clicking’s Twitter page has nearly 5,000 followers! Come tweet with us!
LinkedIn –
This is a great place to make business contacts! Follow Profit Clicking on LinkedIn:
Rather watch videos?
Remember to subscribe to both of Profit Clicking’s video sites:
YouTube -- http://www.youtube.com/user/ProfitClicking?feature=watch
Vimeo -- http://vimeo.com/profitclicking
Check both of them often, as new videos will be uploaded in the near future!

It's the Right Time, and Profit Clicking is the Right Place!
Profit Clicking is Simple, Fun, and Easy For Everyone!

Whether you are earning your first dime online or you’re a full-time internet business guru - we love paying you and helping your online business grow!

We challenge you to find any program that’s easier to make money with than Profit Clicking!

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team

Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Update For October 15th, 2012

Member Update

Profit Clicking’s Top Money Makers

Top earners at Profit Clicking had made nearly one million dollars! Do they have hundreds of referrals? Some do, but most don’t. Take a look at the chart at: http://www.profitclicking.com/media so you can see what we mean. Of our top twenty earners, several only have two or three referrals! Recruiting is not required! You will, however, notice a big difference in the “Referral Commissions” column for the individuals who have more referrals.
The best thing you can do right now is to buy new Advertising Packages and assisting others in doing the same. Those are the two ways to make an incredible amount of money at Profit Clicking!
Profit Clicking provides the opportunity to generate income that is indefinitely sustainable! Just ask any of those on the Top Twenty list!
Pay It Forward
The Profit Clicking “Pay-It-Forward” System is so easy! All new members are given a "$10 free value”. This allows them to immediately buy their first Ad Package, and start earning up to 2% per day! When you invite prospects, let them know that with Profit Clicking they don’t need to pay to join – We pay them!

Alexa Ranking Breaks the 500 Mark!
Remember, the lower the Alexa ranking, the more traffic the website gets. Profit Clickings ranking keeps dropping – it’s now under 500! That means that more and more people are interested in the opportunity to make money online, and they recognize Profit Clicking as a way to do it.
Facebook’s Sunday Success Story Spotlight Member

  The first Profit Clicking member to be spotlighted is Dan Andrews. See his success story on our Facebook page at:http://www.facebook.com/notes/profit-clicking/

I am really thrilled with the results of Profit Clicking! ~Dan Andrews

Miss the Live Conference Call?

  A recording of the first Live Call with Frederick Mann is located near the top of your Dashboard! If you missed it, you can listen to it now! DOC’s Thursday’s Call was also recorded, and will be posted on the Profit Clicking site this week. If you can’t attend the calls Live, make sure to listen as they are posted. It is important to always be "in the know."

After all, Profit Clicking is the program “everyone in the know” joins. Be sure to tell your friends and contacts about us before they get scooped up under someone else!

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team

Friday, October 12, 2012

Daily Update For October 12th, 2012

Member Update

DOC Wows the Crowd!

What's happening at Profit Clicking? DOC announced some of the new exciting features Profit Clicking is introducing, during the Live Call Thursday. He also explained many of the 'behind the scenes' operations so members could better understand the migration from JBP to Profit Clicking.
"Have confidence in knowing that everything you loved in JBP is coming to Profit Clicking, and so much more. We've got new features coming that will make dreams come true for many.... When you see what's coming, it will knock your socks off," Doc told listeners! "When you consider the potential here at Profit Clicking -- it's astonishing! We are above and beyond anything else that's out there on the net!"

When asked about the Ad Packages Doc replied, "Ad Packs are the bread and butter of the Profit Clicking opportunity! Daily Sales Commissions are calculated by the number of Ad Packs sold in the system. The more sold, the more you can make! It is possible to earn more with Profit Clicking than you did in JBP!"

"In fact, the top earner in Profit Clicking has made close to $1,000,000 with less than 12 recruits! Recruiting in not required, but when you find something as exciting as Profit Clicking, why wouldn't you want to share it with your friends?"

NOW is the right time, and Profit Clicking is the right place to gain financial freedom.

Recently a bogus email circulated offering discount Ad Packages. The counterfeit email appeared to be from Profit Clicking. IT WAS NOT!

The email asked you to put your money directly into their Liberty Reserve account! WE WOULD NEVER DO THAT!

Purchase your Ad Packages from your Dashboard on the Profit Clicking website! Don't be ensnared by a counterfeiter using our good name to steal your hard earned money!

Sunday Success Story SPOTLIGHT Member!

Profit Clicking extends a huge THANK YOU to all of our Facebook fan members who submitted their Profit Clicking Success Stories for our promotion last week. We had over 150 wonderful stories of success from members! The 14 finalists are listed below.

Dan Andrews
John Chukwu
Jephthae Gadi
Gina Omboy Gelvero
Diana Jimison
Juan Lealpe
Eileen Le Roux
Charlie Little
Morgan Uzoigwe Mmahi
Alberto Ruiz
Jason Ryan
Henry Tang
Graham Treasure
Maree Wells

Watch for our Member Update and Facebook Fan Page on Sunday to see who is chosen as the first Profit Clicking Spotlight Member! Good luck to all of you!

If you haven't become a fan of ours on Facebook, come on in! It will keep you updated with all the news! Join now at: http://www.facebook.com/Clickforprofits

Twitter Party
We had a Twitter Party going on during the live call last night. Members were invited to ask questions by tweeting "#ProfitClicking #AskDoc" and some were chosen to be answered LIVE on the call! Be sure to follow Profit Clicking on Twitter at http://www.Twitter.com/ProfitClicking and get in on the fun! Be with them next week as the tweets are flying!

The Excitement Continues to Grow with Profit Clicking
Remember, Profit Clicking is the program “everyone in the know” joins. If you haven't already, join immediately! Be sure to tell your friends and contacts about us before they get scooped up under someone else!

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Member Update

Daily Update For October 10th, 2012

Mark Your Calendars! Thursday Calls are Back!

Join DOC every Thursday as he inspires listeners, and shares Profit Clicking's vision for the future. You don't want to miss this call!

Thursday , October 11, 2012
9:00pm EST/ 8:00pmCST/ 6:00pm PST/2:00am GMT
Dial: +1-(805) 399-1000
Access Code: 540773#
To join the Conference:
At the time listed above, dial into the conference line, and when prompted enter the access code followed by the # key.

Social Media Bar
Notice the blue bar that's at the bottom of the your Dashboard? That's our Social Media Bar! You can find links to Facebook and Twitter, you can pin a Profit Clicking image to your Pinterest board, and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel. This bar makes it so easy to connect with all of Profit Clicking's social media sites, you'll find yourself using it every day!

One of the best tabs on the social media bar can be found over to the right of the screen -- Quick Links! The name says it all -- one tab that offers six direct links to popular websites!
  • 1) Live Conference Room (24/7) -- Instantly be taken to the conference room where you can chat with other members just be hitting this link. There are always 6 or more moderators there, many of whom speak multiple languages, to field any questions you might have. Jump in and socialize with other Profit Clicking members!
  • 2) Frequently Asked Questions -- Clicking on this link will pull up the extensive list of questions that are frequently asked by members. Scroll through, find your question, and click on it. You'll have your answer in seconds!
  • 3) Support Resources -- This link will take you to the Help and Support page where you can choose to join the 24/7 Live Conference Room or get Live Chat Support.
  • 4) Facebook -- This is a direct link to our official Facebook fan page. Just one click and you'll be there!
  • 5) Twitter -- Got the urge to Tweet? Hit this link to see our official Twitter page. Become one of our followers.
  • 6) Vimeo Video Channel -- Use this link to see Profit Clicking videos. Check back often as more videos will be added in the near future.
Enjoy the ease of connecting with others by using our social media bar. Try it...We know you'll love it!
We challenge you to find any program that’s easier to make money with than Profit Clicking.

Remember, Profit Clicking is the program “everyone in the know” joins. Join immediately! Be sure to tell your friends and contacts about us before they get scooped up under someone else!

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team